7 Facts About Skillet

7 Facts About Skillet

Nowadays, a large number of health professionals are advocating for the use of skillet especially cast iron painkiller for cooking.

In this present age of multicolored and Teflon coated non stick and stainless steel, it is increasingly difficult to find people who own a cast iron skillet.

There are economical and health benefits from using a vas iron skillet. After you become aware of facts and benefits accrued to cast iron skillet, you will definitely be interested in owning a set.

Here are seven interesting facts about skillet.

Provides ion

The cast iron skillet is the only kind of cookware which provides the body with nutritional benefits. The cast iron skillet supplies small amounts of ion into the food each time.it.is used for cooking. Ion is an important nutrient for the body and as it helps eliminate anemia, muscle weakness, menstrual pain etc.

By cooking food using cast iron skillet, the body's ion level would improve especially if the food cooked are acidic, such as tomatoes.

Clean it while warm

Just like every other cookware, cast iron skillets require cleaning frequently. Unlike other cookware, the cast iron does not require soap while cleaning it. All that is needed is hit water and a scrubbing brush.

However, do not be tempted to let the skillet cool before washing it. When the skillet becomes cool, the food particles stick to the cooking surface and they became harder to scrub off.

It does not stick

Properly seasoning the cast iron skillet ensures that it does not stick. This is due to the fact oil from previous cooking have been built up and therefore produces a natural non stick coating on the skillet cooking surface.

Seasoning in this case refers to applying oil to the skillet cooking surface. This enables the skillet to be stick resistant and also ensures healthy stick free cooking.

It is antique

Cast iron skillet have been used for thousand of years. The cast iron skillet have been in use for 2,500 years. The first cast iron skillet wasmade in China in the 4th century B.C. and few years later (12th century) it reached England. The cast iron skillet was introduced to America in the 18th century where it gained its popularity.


When properly maintained, the cast iron skillet can last a life time. The cast iron skillet does not scratch and as such not easily damaged.

With proper maintenance ('re-seasoning and reconditioning) the skillet can last a life time.


The cast iron skillet is amongst the cheapest cookware in.the market. And considering that it could last a life time when properly maintained, it is a great bargain.

Toxic free

Unlike the other cookware, the cast iron skillet has a non stick cooking surface that does not produce toxins. Other cookware may release toxin when they are scratched during cooking, but the cast iron skillet does not.

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