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Proskillet is a professional product review website that helps to write objective and unbiased reviews about different products. As a review website, we look at the market, identify new products and write objective reviews. The emergence of Proskillet is due to my undying passion and unquenchable thirst to providing different products guide to different customers. Most of these customers are finding it difficult to make the right buying decision.

Over the years, we have seen people complaining about different products and how these products have performed below their expectations. Some will go and register their displeasure on the platform they get the product from. The essence of this is to let the seller know that what they sold to them performs below their expectations. However, Proskillet came into existence so as to solve the problem people face on daily basis in their buying decisions.

We do research about the trending products in the market. This will help us know what people who have used the products before think about it, understand the features, advantages and disadvantages. From the information collected, we will come up with a comprehensive product guides that will guide readers/visitors of our website on making the right choice.

As a website, Proskillet is unbiased in reviewing any product and we don’t give special attention to a particular product. All we write about a product including features, advantages and disadvantages are based on users’ opinion about it. We also culled some other information from reviews on website like Amazon, Ebay and other giant Ecommerce.

We are very honest and dedicated; this is why we are fast becoming one of the most popular review websites in United State. For every product we review, we are concerned about the features of such product. We also look at its functionality, advantages and the extent to which the product will exceed the expectation of the user in terms of performance.

We derived joy in doing what we are doing and always ensure that every product information we post on our website is useful to people visiting our website. With Proskillet review website, you are rest assured that are getting the most reliable product of your choice. All we do it to guide you to that product that meets your requirements.



Who Am I?

My name is Shamrat, I am a blogger, writer and quality product reviewer. Since inception, I have always been passionate about doing research on trending products. All my research is tailored towards writing objective reviews that will help buyers make the right purchase decision. It is actually very painful and heartbreaking when I see somebody spend his/her hard earned money to get a product only for the product to perform below expectation. This is why I always go extra mile to gather information on a particular products. Write out the features and why I think it is a good choice to buy from it or not.  Irrespective of the product, once different buyers indicate interest we will write up a unique and detailed buyers’ guide.  The buyer guide will guide buyers to make the right purchase decision. This is because of the fact that I derive happiness in seeing people buying the right product that meets their expectation.


Our Mission

With advancement in technology, over 75 percent of purchases around the world are made online. Most times, a greater number of this percentage will end up buying the wrong product. This is because of the fact that they don’t have enough information about the products they are buying as well as the buying. This buying guide will give the detailed information regarding the features, pros and cons of the project and why it should be bought or not. This is why we are painstakingly gathering information regarding different products as well as their features, pros and cons; we will post such information on our website to help our visitors. We will try our best to help website visitor query.

The mission of Proskillet is to provide a honest. Objective and detailed reviews on different products as they emerge in the market.

We have been very committed in ensuring that our mission is achieved.



We appreciate your suggestion

The existence of this website is to write product guidelines that will help our visitors or buyers make the right purchasing decision. This decision is always focus on their products of choice and functionality.  We have always been going extra mile to getting information that will aid us in writing an objective and constructive review. We always ensure that our reviews are real so that visitors of our website can make the right purchasing decision.

However, you can always give us suggestion on how you think we can do it better. Your suggestions are highly welcome.



Connect with me

To get daily tips and information regarding the best performing products in the market, connect with us on Google, Twitter, Google plus, Facebook etc.



What make us Unique

  • Honesty: Unlike many other product review website, Proskillet is very honest in its review. We give information regarding the good and bad features of any products we are reviewing.
  • Objective: We are very objective in our dealings. We don’t support any brand or product when writing our product review. We only support any product or brand that is performing well in the market. Write every review after checking what buyers that have used the product say about the products.
  • Right information: We at Proskillet are always determined in finding the right product information before posting any review. As a matter of fact, whenever you see a product review on our website. Then just be rest assured that all the information contained in such review are true and verified.

Proskillet is your most trusted source of verified product reviews. We write different reviews on the top best selling products on Amazon. This is because of the fact that we believe in the power of information. We also believe in how the review published on our website can guide buyers to making the right purchase decision.

With the most current information about different products review, objective and honest approach to any write up. Proskillet is indeed your partner of choice in providing different products buying guides for your purchase decision.




Email me if you have any query.


Mr. Shamrat
Founder, Best Skillet

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