How to Properly Clean Your Skillet

How to Properly Clean Your Skillet

We have been receiving series of questions from our readers on how to clean skillet properly. Well! This will definitely address the question. Cleaning your skillet is very important, infact it can contribute to the durability of your cookware. When a skillet is not cleaned according to manufacturing instruction, it will perform very well.

Some of the tips for cleaning your skillets very well are discussed below;

Wash well after using 

This is the most important aspect of cleaning your skillet. Some people get it wrong in this area. After cooking with your skillet, wash it immediately with warm soapy water. When you are through with the washing, wipe it with a kitchen sponge. You may need a synthetic scrubber in your kitchen. It will make the washing easier as it removes burnt residue from the pan.

Remove oily residue 

Before you wash your skillet, ensure that all oily residue is removed totally. This is really very easy to achieve as you can remove the oily residue any time after cooking. However, it is better to wash it on time so that the residue will not corrode the skillet. What is recommended in removing oily residue is to pour a half mug of white vinegar into the skillet and accompany it with water. This will make it easier to remove all oily residues from the frying pan.

Allow the skillet to cool slightly before cleaning

It is very wrong to wash your skillet when it is still hot. This could get you injured and can even affect the frying pan. Well! It is actually more difficult to wash them when they are cool, but it is better for safety purpose.

Dry after washing 

It is a known fact that water is an enemy of skillets. Don’t make the mistake of leaving water inside your skillet after washing it. Even though seasoning of the skillet will prevent it from rusting. However, on the long run stagnant water can cause great harm to your skillet. The integrity of the skillet will be compromised and rust will set in. in view of this, it is advisable to clean your skillet with dry towel to keep it dry.

Apply oil lightly 

After washing your frying pan and drying it with a towel, the next step is to apply oil lightly. When you apply oil to your skillet, the tendency of rust will reduced and will make tasty foods for you.

If you follow the above simple but effective tips, you will not have any challenge with your skillet. In other words it will be durable and manufacturers will always honor the warranty when the skillet becomes bad.

The mistake home owners make is that they seldom read the manufacturing instruction of their skillet. The manufacturing instruction gives detail on how to maintain and clean the skillets they just acquired. So, once you are making a case regarding faulty skillet, the first thing manufacturers look at is the extent to which you have complied with the manufacturing instruction. Once they discover that there is proper maintenance of the skillet from your ends, they will definitely do the right thing.

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