Cuisine 422-20 Contour Stainless 8 Inches Open Skillet

A good meal that is professionally prepared and delicious is not just the outcome of practices skills. It is also a result of using the right cookware that is professionally constructed to seal the natural taste of food. A skillfully prepared meal has a special look that distinguishes it. It is these kinds of Best Contour Stainless Skillet cookware that professional chefs look for when considering investing in a new technology cookware for their kitchen. Cookware reviews have made it easier to make decisions about the numerous available cookwares and pick the best to buy,

The cuisine art Best Contour Stainless Skillet is a high end technology. It is specially designed for professional chefs and anyone who love cooking. The cuisine art open skillet is a premium cookware that is professionally constructed. It is made with a combination of the best materials for cookware to provide an unbeatable performance. One of the uniquethings about this cookware is that the open skillet is made of an encapsulated aluminum base.  that is guaranteed to bring about even heat distribution and help you achieve the best taste when cooking.

Features of Cuisine art 422-20 contour stainless 8 inches open skillet

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Stainless steel cooking surface

 This open skillet makes cooking and cleaning very easy. This is especially because of its steel cooking surface that does not alter natural flavors or the taste of food.

Aluminum encapsulated base

 To make cooking a stress free activity and enjoyable. The open skillet is made with a unique aluminum encapsulated base that allows its base to heat up very fast. This also enables even heat distribution for the best cooking result. With its encapsulated aluminum base, you can avoid having hotspot every time and have a consistent cooking result.

Riveted handles

Because cuisine art is always conscious about good ergonomic grip and comfort, the open skillet handles are stick handles. This provides convenience when gripping the open skillet handles while cooking. The helper handle provides added ease and support when moving the skillet. The skillet is contoured to the hand for extra comfort.


The open skillet is designed to have an elegant styling with a robust silhouette to achieve a professional look. The attractive look is sure to make your kitchen look finer and make your kitchen setting attractive when cooking.

Dishwasher safe

 The skillet has been made to ease cleaning with its dish washer friendly design. Putting the open skillet in the dishwasher is easy and you do not have to fear about fading colors.  The dishwasher helps to preserve the color of the skillet making it possible for a convenient clean up.

Oven safe

 The open skillet can be place conveniently in the oven. It is just the right skillet for foods that require finishing in the oven. It can stay safely in the oven up to about 500 degrees F. the lids is oven safe to 350 degrees.

Cooking versatility

The open skillet offers cooking versatility as it can be easily used on the stove or under the broiler.

Freezer safe

it is safe for food storage in the freezer.


The open skillet is structured to last. Its stainless steel and aluminum feature makes it the ultimate cookware to invest in. it offers unsurpassed performance and durability. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Tempered glass

The open skillet comes with a flat tempered glass lid with stainless rim that helps to seal the flavor. The tempered glass lid is designed to enable a lasting performance.


  • It has a steady grip that makes lifting convenient
  • It has a superior heating distribution that helps to achieve a tasteful meal
  • The skillet allows for easy cleaning and cooking
  • Its brilliant stainless steel is designed to be dishwasher safe
  • This is oven safe up to 500 degrees
  • It can be kept in the freezer as container for food storage
  • This is a valuable investment because it guarantee performance and durability
  • It has an elegant and attractive appearance
  • It is tampered rims makes pouring easy and drip free


  • Its aluminum base makes it heavy

Features at a glance

  • Riveted handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tempered glass
  • Durable
  • Cooking versatility
  • Riveted handle
  • Attractive appearance

Product specification

Dimension: 15.4x 8.6 x 3.8 inches

Item weight: 1.55 pounds

Shipping weight:  1.55 pounds

Manufacturer: Cuisineart


Manufacturer reference: 422-20

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: can this open skillet be used on an induction cooktop?

Answer: this pan does not work on an induction cooktop

Question 2: is this 18 10 stainless?

Answer: no it is not

Question 3: does this also function as a steamer or is there a steamer insert available?

Answer:  yes it can function as a steamer with the insert

Question 4: What is the diameter of the skillet?

Answer: 12 inches and 2 ½ inches deep

Question 5:does it have a smooth surface?

Answer: yes, the surface is smooth

Question: is it boiler or oven safe?

Answer: yes, it is boiler and oven safe

Final verdict

Cuisine art 422-20 contour stainless 8 inches open skillet is an incredible aluminum base pan. It is designed to help you have a wonderful cooking experience in the kitchen. Its superior features guarantee a life warranty that makes it easy and reliable for cooking. The fact the open skillet has a good ergonomics grip makes it the best for comfortable cooking. Meals taste and aroma of is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious especially with its tight lid. The skillet is a superior and impressive technological innovation.

The skillet is designed with consideration of professional chefs and individuals who perform everyday cooking activity. For professional chefs, the open skillet is the best way to guarantee fast and easy cooking. It quickens meal making process especially in settings where different kinds of meals are demanded. There is no gainsaying that the skillet is convenient, durable, comfortable and impressive. It offers the best cooking experience for everyone.






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