Factors to Consider Buying Skillet

Buying skillet is in no way an easy task. This is with the especially large number of cookware brands growing astronomically on a daily basis. Also the variety of skillet ranging from stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and even copper

It is open knowledge that the importance of buying high quality skillet is often neglected. There is a groaning need to make more effort on buying skillet if you are serious about cooking with one.

So with all these in mind, it is necessary to consider the following factors when buying skillet. Whilst keeping in mind to stay within your budget range to ensure an informed decision is made.

Heat conductivity

Various metals conduct heat better than others. An example is that of copper and stainless steel. While copper is a better heat conductor, the stainless steel is not. This means that in terms of skillet, the better the conductivity of heat, the more evenly your food is cooked.


the amount you will be willing to pay to buy a skillet would most likely be major factor on the quality of skillet being purchased. One major tip here is to always buy the beat skillet you can afford within your budget range.


different skillet have their different durability range with some would last longer than others. The best skilled known to last longer are the stainless steel skillet.


it is important to note that certain foods react with some metals. This means that there is a high chance of your food absorbing some of the metals while being cooked. For example, aluminum reacts with tomatoes. So when buying skillet, ensure that you are aware of the reactivity.


some skillet require.high maintenance than others. If you would prefer not to always have to shine your skillet every now and again, then you need to consider the maintenance required in keeping them durabme. Stainless steel is a lot easier to keep in top shape condition than copper and cast iron.

Distribution of heat

when butong skillet and you may want to buy one that evenly distributes heat evenly while cooking. Then it is suitable you lookout for cast iron skillets. They are among the cheapest in the market and its cooking surface is non toxic, which heats up evenly and quickly.


another factor to consider when buying skillet is the size of the skillet. It is advisable to buy skillet with large cooking surface which allows enough room to cook without crowding the food.

Skillet handle

skillet with stainless steel handles do not conduct heat like aluminum handles, and will remain cooler than the skillet. Also, buying skillet with metal handles that are hollowed in some way have a cooling effect.

While silicone are another great choice for handles as they allow for comfortable use each time and can be detached for easy cleaning.

Finally when buying skillet, take your time when choosing and purchase the beat quality you can afford. And endeavour to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on using and maintaining your skillet






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