T-Fal E93805 Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan

Cooking in the 21st century has been made easy unlike the past. This is due to the emergence of sophisticated and professional nonstick heat indicator fry pan in the market. One of such cookware is the T-fal E93805 professional total nonstick thermo spot frying pan.

This Professional nonstick cookware is a perfect preheat frying pan with functional heat indicator fry pan to provide comfort in the kitchen. Those that have used this professional nonstick cookware have affirmed that it is a perfect pan for making delicious meal. The interior of this frying pan is nonstick and it is designed for durability and reliability. It is a scratch resistance frying pan that can use metal utensil and still maintain its high durability.

It designed with a thermo-spot heat indicator that indicates when the frying pan is perfectly preheated for cooking. One of the reasons why this skillet has become popular overtime is because of its stainless steel disc for even heating. It has an amazing anti-warp protection. This T-fal professional nonstick skillet designed to withstand harsh environment. This is why it is compatible to all cooking tops including induction. It is dishwasher save and can withstand oven temperature of about 400 degrees F.

Features of T-Fal E93895 professional Total Nonstick frying pan

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This frying pan has unique features that make it outstanding on Amazon today. It has been rated as one of the top selling skillets in the Market. Some of the exceptional features of this frying pan are;

Thermo-spot heat indicator

 T-fal E93805 has thermo-spot heat indicator and this has made it more interesting and fun to cook with. This indicator shows when the frying pan is perfectly preheated for cooking. A well preheated frying pan tends to perform excellently and gives better flavor to food. This advance feature is uncommon in most skillets in the Market today and this is why T-Fal E93805 is outstanding.

Stainless Steel Disc

This professional nonstick cookware has a stainless steel disc. This disc enables the heat to distribute evenly around the frying pan. Thus, making food to be ready easily and quickly. It also has anti-Warp protection feature that contributes to the durability and reliability of the cookware.

 Compatible to all cooking Tops

Buyers call this professional nonstick frying pan a wonder pan. This is because of the fact that it is compatible with most cooking tops including induction top. Despite the heat that induction top emits, it withstands and cooks a tasty and delicious food from it.


Everybody always wants to ensure that they are spending their money for a durable product. This frying pan is highly durable and when used in accordance with manufacturing instructions, it can serve years. The interior cooking surface is constructed from scratch resistance materials. This is why you can use metal utensils on it and still maintains its longevity.


It is an Oven Proof professional nonstick cookware that can withstand up to 400 degrees temperature of heat. The external surface of the frying pan doesn’t react with heat, this is as a result of the aluminum materials.


The pan designed from materials not containing any chemicals that are harmful to the health. PFOA are chemicals that some frying pans are coated with. This makes the interior surface of the frying pan to emit harmful fumes while cooking with it.

Silicone HandlesIt designed with riveted silicone handle that provides firm ergonomic grip while cooking in the kitchen. It also allows you to easily transport the frying pan from one point to another within the kitchen.


  • Design with thermo-spot heat indicators that indicate if the pot has been perfectly preheated. This makes it easier to cook with this frying pan.
  • It is a scratch resistance pan that allows metal utensil usage.
  • Durable, reliable and strong.
  • It is an all rounder frying pan that is compatible to all cooking tops including induction tops.
  • It is easy to clean and ovenproof to about 400 degrees F.
  • PFOA free interior coating that provides healthful cooking.
  • Riveted silicone handle that gives maximum ergonomic grip while cooking.


  • The finishing of the frying pan doesn’t last long before peeling. However, only small percentages of buyers that use this product actually complain about the poor finishing. Outside this finishing, every other aspects of the frying pan are cool.
  • Features at a Glance
  • Thermo-spot heat indicator
  • Stainless steel disc
  • Compatible to all cooking tops
  • Durable and reliable
  • Oven proof
  • PFOA free
  • Silicone handles


Product dimension: 16 x 10.2 x 2.5

Weight: 2 pound

Model: 2100086427

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: Is this frying pan compatible to induction top?

Answer: Yes, this frying pan is compatible to all cooking top including induction top. This makes it very convenient, comfortable and easy to use.

Question 2: How durable is this frying pan?

Answer: Yeah! The frying pan designed with durable materials to ensure its longevity. Whenever you use it in accordance with manufacturing instructions, it will definitely serve you for several years. However, most times Chefs fail to read manufacturing & care instructions to know how to properly use and care for the frying pan.

Question 3: Is the frying pan covered by Warranty?

Answer: Yes! It has a lifetime limited warranty. This means that whenever it becomes faulty, you can easily send it for replacement. For T-Fal to honor their warranty, the buyer must have used it according to manufacturing instruction.

Final Verdict

T-Fal E93805 is a high performing professional nonstick cookware that provides maximum comfort in the kitchen. The riveted handle provides perfect ergonomic grip and easy movement within the kitchen. The fact that it is compatible with all cooking tops including induction makes it a perfect selection in your kitchen. It beautifully designed; this is why it can complement the décor of your kitchen. From the various features as well as Pros of this frying pan, we are certain of the fact that it is a valuable investment. We recommend that you get this cookware for your kitchen collections.






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