How to Use a Skillet Properly

Skillet are special utensils that are used in the kitchen. It is found in most homes and they are perfect cooking resources in the kitchen. Most skillets are unique and they are designed to add values to the kitchen. With the advent of different skillet in the market today, the job of chefs in the kitchen has become fun. Home owners around the world actually acquire skillets because they are attractive, effective and durable. They can contribute to the décor of your kitchen, making it an amazing palace in your chef world.

However, when you don’t have a perfect understanding of skillet usage, it can be very complicated. As a matter of fact, it can bring about manhandling. When a skillet is manhandled, the durability will be compromised. In view of this, it is important to understand how to perfectly use a skillet without compromising its efficiency.

Below are ways to use your skillet after buying it from the market;

Don’t Cook With Your skillet right away

This is an aspect where most people make mistake. They will buy a skillet without evening seasoning it and proceed to using it. When you buy a skillet especially a pre-seasoned one, rinse it, heat it on the stove and apply oil to it. Once you do this before using a skillet, the durability will be certain.

Always Clean Skillet thoroughly after usage

Proper maintenance of your skillet will contribute to its durability. Try as much as possible to always clean the skillet very well after using it. It is advisable to use a mild soap that will not be too harsh on the skillet. For instance, a cast iron skillet is not dishwasher compactable but can use any other eco-friendly soap.

Oil dry skillets

The manufacturing instruction of most skillet state that pans should be oiled after usage and seasoned it. This will make it to be well maintained and more durable.

Be careful of Flaking

You have to understand the type of skillet you are using. Some skillets stick and they can’t bear high temperature of flaking. When exposed to high temperature the layer will start to peel and stick. Once you notice this on your skillet, try to reduce the temperature when last you use it.

Don’t use objects that are too abrasive on your skillet

One of the reasons why most skillet start leaking after a short time is due to excessive use of abrasive objects. Though you can use iron utensils mildly on your skillet, but it is not recommended to use iron brush. Iron brush will only peel of the interior and exterior coating, making it to worn out easily. Basically, it is better to use a soft vegetable brush, this is a better option. You can clean it safely using vegetable brush while using any iron utensil to scrub out residues.

Always store your skillet properly

It is compulsory to store your skillet properly, if you want it to perform well. After washing it, ensure that there is no water inside before keeping it. Also stack it with paper towel so as to avoid contact with other skillets or iron utensil around it. This could bring about rust which is very bad for any skillet.

Always heat your skillet first before using it

This is an area where most cooks get it wrong. You don’t put food on a cold skillet and then put it on fire. It will stick and over time compromise the integrity of such skillet. This is why some skillet has pre-heat light to indicate the perfect temperature to start cooking.

Try to prevent Rust

Rust is very bad for your skillet; as a matter of fact it destroys pans faster than acid. This is why it is recommended that you dry your pan off very well after using it. This will lower the tendency of them getting rust and contribute to the longevity of the skillet.

As a matter of principle, it is important you understand the type of food you aren’t suppose to cook with your skillet. In other words, there are certain foods that you can’t cook with certain skillets. For instance it is not ideal for you to cook acidic foods like tomato sauces, kryptonite with a newly seasoned cast iron skillet.  Also, acidic food will make your food to have high level of iron and this is unhealthy.

Also, it is not good to boil water with your skillet. This could yank out the seasoning of your pan, especially freshly seasoned one. Also, the layers of a skillet will be greatly affected when it is used to boil water consistently.

What you can cook with your skillet

The way you use your skillet will determine the durability on the long run. Funny enough, any skillet you buy in the market always comes with a manufacturing instruction regarding usage. This instruction is like a guide regarding what you can cook and not to cook with your skillet. However, below are some foods that you can cook with your skillet.

Meat that needs hard sears 

Skillet can be used to prepare meats that require hard sears. When searing your meat, it is necessary to preheat the pan over the flame. This will give the meat enough time to absorb the heat. For skillet that are oven safe, it is an added advantage as it can be taken directly from the stove to oven.

Stir fries 

Stir fries are another great options for your skillet. Within a few minute, a stir-fry will be cooked up and ready for yummy yummy. To get the best stir fries, it is advisable to use a pan that will not have drop in temperature when food is added.

Golden-brown roasted vegetables

Can also be cooked with your skillet. They will give it a nice taste.

Irrespective of the durability and features that manufacturers tell you about their skillets, you still have a role to play. Use it in accordance with manufacturing instruction and cook only those food that is compatible with your skillet.






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