Lodge seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Bundle, 12” and 10.25” (Set of 2) Cast Iron Frying pan

Lodge seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Bundle, 12” and 10.25” (Set of 2) Cast Iron Frying pan

The Lodge seasoned cast Iron Skillet comes in set of two different pans of 12 inch and 10.25 inch respectively. This skillet bundles have been rated as the best pan ever, due to its quality and excellent performance. For a relatively low price, you can get this two set of frying pan for your kitchen. They will definitely improve your cooking experience. Buyers that have used the frying pan have affirmed that it complements the décor of their kitchen. It can used for different functions, including summertime campouts and Sunday night dinners. It is a multipurpose frying pan; chefs also use it to serve within their homes.

The most amazing aspect of this frying pan is the fact that it has been seasoned already. You can start using it right away after acquiring it. It can used to prepare different recipes and compatible to most heat source including campfire. The season of this cast iron skillet always get better and more reliable after using it for a while.

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Bundle is a reputable brand of frying pan in the market. They are renowned for quality, excellent performance and durability. Why that skillet set often referred to as the best frying pan ever.

Features of Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Bundle

To enable you make well informed buying decision, we are going to discuss some of the features of this frying pan. These features are;

Two different Frying pans in one pack

The Seasoned cast Iron Skillet Bundle pack always comes with two frying pans. These frying pans are in different sizes of 12 inch and 10.25 inch respectively. They can make your entire cooking process easier and quicker, especially if you have multiple cooking tops. Despite the fact that they come in two different sizes, the price is very cheap. It is affordable by most chefs and makes kitchen awesome.

2 Bonus Lodge Silicone Hot Handles Holders

Seasoned Cast iron skillet frying pans have 2 hot handles holders that provide strong ergonomic grip. These handles make it possible to cook comfortably in the kitchen. They also facilitate easy transportation from one point to anther within the kitchen. The handle holders protect your hands against heat. They are designed to withstand harsh environment and protect hands against heat of about 450 degree F.

Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

The seasoning of this frying pan set is perfect and unique. The seasoning is 100 percent vegetable oil without coating or chemicals. Experts are of the opinion that after using the cookware for a while, the season will be better and perfect.

Perfect Set of two frying pan

Kudos to Lodge for such an innovative initiative. They understand the fact that most times, one frying pan is not enough in the kitchen. They came up with a pack that houses two different sizes of frying pan. This will enable chefs to cook different recipes at a time without delay. It will go a long way to reducing the stress and other challenges people face when cooking with a single frying pan.

Lifetime durability

These set of frying pans are very durable. If they are used in accordance with manufacturing instructions, they can serve you for a life time. However, most people will use them poorly; they will not even take care of them. Generally, they are made from durable materials and will definitely stand the test of time.

Cooking Versatility

This another exceptional feature of Lodge seasoned Cast Iron frying pan. It comes in two set and provides maximum comfort for cooking with enough space to cook different recipes of your choice.


  • There are perfect for professional kitchens and campsites. Especially in areas where they will subjected to frequent usage.
  • It has silicone hot handle holders. These handle holders provide ergonomic grip to chefs when using it in the kitchen. Also, they make the entire cooking process comfortable and facilitate easy transportation within the kitchen.
  • It is dishwasher safe; this makes it easy to wash without stress.
  • It can withstand harsh condition and Oven proof. It can stay in Oven heat temperature of about 450 degrees F.
  • You can start cooking with it right away after acquiring it. This makes it better than other frying pans that utilize chemical coating.
  • The pack comes with two frying pans of different sizes – 12 inch and 10.25 inch.
  • Generally, it made of high quality designs; this contributes to its life time durability.


  • A small percentage of buyers complained that whenever they cook with the frying pan, it generates odd taste for their food. However, if the manufacturing instructions are followed keenly, we are certain of the fact that such odd taste wouldn’t have emerged.

Features at a Glance

  • Two different frying pans in one pack
  • 2 bonus Lodge silicone hot handles holders
  • Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware
  • Life time durability.

Product Specifications

Dimension: 15 x14.5 x5.2 inches

Weight: 15.2 pounds

Manufacturer: Lodge


Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain questions potential buyers and users of this frying pan have been asking since inception. We will take our time to answer some of these questions.

Question 1: Is this frying pan durable?

Answer: Yes, it is very durable. As a matter of fact, if it is used according to manufacturing instructions, it can serve you for a life time.

Question 2: Is this frying pan PFOA free?

Answer: Yes, the frying pan is PFOA free. This means that it doesn’t emit any harmful fume while cooking with it.

Question 3: Is it true that the pack comes with two set of frying pan?

Answer: Yeah, the pack comes with two set of frying pans in different dimensions. The first one is 12 inch and the second one is 10.25 inches. They are amazing collection that will improve the cookware performance of your kitchen.

Final Verdicts

From the features and positive comments buyers have made about this frying pan, we can say it is the best frying pan ever. It is relatively cheap, provides cooking versatility and comes in set of two. The hot handles handlers make provide good ergonomic grip while cooking. This provides safety, comfort and ease of transportation within the kitchen.

Investing money in acquiring this frying pan is definitely an excellent choice and we encourage you to go for it. It promises life time durability if it is used in accordance with manufacturing information. It is a seasoned Iron with 100 percent vegetable oil, this makes it to be healthy to cook with.

We are certain of the fact that buyers will not regret buying this fascinating set of seasoned cast iron frying pan for their kitchen.

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